[The Face Shop] White Tree Snow Serum

The Face Shop is one of those brands that is very gentle on your skin, but they have so many lines it is almost impossible to try them all. White Tree Snow was definitely one I noticed off the bat and ever since I saw it, I have been dying to try.

Unlike western culture, eastern believes the whiter and brighter your skin is, the more beautiful you are— much like long hair symbolizes wealth. Because of this, there are countless eastern whitening lines out there to make your skin as soft and white like snow.



I was so excited to finally have this product and started using it once a day at night. Many korean brand products will see results extremely fast —even after one use sometimes— but since it is a whitening product, is it better if it has slower effect. It was about a week before I started to notice effects and after two, my uneven tan between my neck and face from walking outside to get to work in college was completely gone. It has also intensely brightened my skin, making it very shiny, without the oil appearance. Even the texture has improved, though I cannot tell if that is from this product or maybe some others, I just noticed it during this trial Haha

So! Bottom line, absolutely love this product. If you’re interested in whitening products, really do your research on them before buying. Always be sure it’s a trusted major brand that is approved by the KFDA(or some FDA), as some less known brands, especially in China and Taiwan, will contain bleach or harsh chemicals. Needless to say thats not something you want on your skin!


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