[ShadowLook] Sunrise

While I was temporarily job-less and on the hunt, I had a lot of free time to create some different creations for fun. I’m definitely not a genius when it comes to makeup, but I know a little bit about shadows. 


This little creation was so hard to photograph and even this didn’t capture how much it shimmered. Each step is in order from left to right so you can easily follow along if you want to try!

1) Setting Powder / Eyeshadow primer: This step is extremely important. because there are so many colors used in this, without a base, they will all smear together.

2) Madison Street Beauty—Tiffany Blue: Start by applying a light blue color on the inside corner of the eye. Remember to touch the shadow nearly on the nose with this color to create a lot of highlight.

3) Madison Street Beauty— Seafoam: Apply seafoam lightly, blending from the corner of the eye to the direct center of the lid. Make sure you do not go too far else there wont be enough room for the highlights.

4) Madison Street Beauty — Highlighter: A highlighter has no color, but is simply a shimmer effect. MSB’s highlighter is amazing. Apply a very small amount to the center of the lid, just above the lashes. Be sure not to get the highlighter in the crease.

5) We are actually going to skip the gold in this step and apply the blusher first. Take any nice blush you have, in this case MAC’s Margin Blush, and apply a light amount on the outside corer of the eye. You want to arc the color upward, well above the usual placement for shadow.

6) Now back! Sally Girl Baked Shadows — Gold: Any gold for this will do. You do not need a baked shadow. carefully place the gold over the highlighter and blend into the blush.

Have you ever invented a ShadowLook? Will you be trying this?


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