[Ciracle] Red Spot Cream

I follow a couple video blogs on youtube and one of my favorite is yellowycream who blogs for Wishtrend. In one of her videos, she shared how much she loves the brand Ciracle, so I decided to look more into it. Ciracle is a high-end Korean cosmetic care brand that would probably be equivalent to maybe…. Estee Lauder in the western world, but is much more effective. One thing I’ve always struggled with is acne on the outside of my face around my hairline, so I decided to try this product of theirs.

When I first received the product in the mail, I was really surprised at how small it was, but after I saw how little you needed at a time, I didn’t mind it so much. The cream is fairly thick and acts a bit as a primer, so it is wonderful for mornings. It also has a bit of a green tint to it so that it reduces redness immediately; LOVED that feature.

The design is pretty boring, but other than that I had no immediate complains. It quickly reduced all acne I had, however I do not have extreme acne like some people, so I’m unable to tell if it has a major effect or not.

After using it for a few days, I have to warn you, it dried out my skin horribly. I already have dry skin and since this product is made for oily skin, it dried it out even worse. If you have dry skin, you may want to stay away from this one, but if you have oily skin it will probably be ideal for you.


7 thoughts on “[Ciracle] Red Spot Cream

  1. New follower and I LOVE your blog :) I’m into Korean brands as well…used to post on Youtube (pdxbeautiful) but now just focus on my blog. I personally know Liah and she raved about this product because I personally have been struggling with acne but I hate acne treatments that are over drying! Do you think you will repurchase this? Did you find it really helped reduce acne…what about spots that you felt coming on? Sorry for all the questions :) BTW…what program do you use for your picture collages?

    • Aww thank you so much :D Do you know liah in real life or online?
      Hmmm if you dont like drying products; skip this for sure, but I have found that if i used a super heavy moisturizer like The Face Shop’s New Zealand’s volcanic cream, you’ll be alright. I’m very on the fence about repurchasing… Its nice against flareups, but it is not something I use routinely. I get acne flares from reactions on the sides of my cheeks, so this is a nice backup plan.

      As for the pictures— i’m a graphic designer so i have a program called InDesign on my computer. It’s for page layouts, but you can drop in photos and crop them very very easily. After I finish the layout, I will then take it into photoshop to color correct and make them extra bright and shiny :3

      Thanks so much for the follow. ^o^ I appreciate readers and especially commentors. Be sure to look out for the giveaway coming this week! i’m sure you’ll see something you love.

      Oh! What is your blog now by the way?

  2. i just saw her video and was interested in this cream as well. I have a few cyst now and then, and been trying my best to calm them down or at least prevent it from creating horrible acne scars, and thought this product would be good for that. have you try this cream as spot treament only as compare to putting it on the entire face?

    • Since this,
      i’ve actually found better products :) I now use laneige acne cream once daily and it completely clears my skin up 100%. it also smells wonderful too!

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