[Update] New Products & Giveaway Coming Soon!

So! As you lovelies have seen over the last couple weeks, I have been slipping up and blogging about a lot of Western products to try to fill some space as I am awaiting new orders to come in. I just last week received a new order from Apoly and have another coming from the amazing people at wishtrend, so I have tons of new products to share with you!

I also am happy to announce that I will be holding my first giveaway within the next week, where one luck winner will receive over 30 samples of wonderful Korean brand products plus extra goodies!

Be sure to check back for that and more soon!


2 thoughts on “[Update] New Products & Giveaway Coming Soon!

  1. I’m saving up to order some bb creams from Apoly along with the primer you recommended and some Laneige products that I’ve heard many people rave about.
    Yay for the giveaway! It’s so exciting, I’m on my third ^^ It’s nice when the prize(s) go to a genuine blog reader and not some ‘giveaway-junkie-lurker’ : /
    Anyway, love to see what you got this time from the Apoly store, haul post maybe? ^^
    Have a great week Jae ♥ xx

    • i wonder how i can like… filter it though :/ i dont want people just dropping by to sign up and then not actually read you know?
      ^o^ you’re always apprecaited Lau! hope you love all the products you order!

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