[Neutrogena Naturals] Pore Scrub

Neutrogena, I would say, is the best brand in America for skincare that is readily available to the public. They have very good products, especially for teenagers, but their best line yet is their Naturals line— solely based on nature with no harsh additives. 

Normally I don’t review American products because they are so readily available and inexpensive(and not pretty Haha), but this one is something I actually use a lot. It’s a purifying scrub that has micro-beads in it to get impurities, especially makeup, off your skin. Whenever I use bb cream, or foundation on the extreme rare cases, I use this to wash it off. It’s not like a normal scrub that dissolves quickly and contains oil, but instead is more like a foaming cleanser with mini beads. I wouldn’t say it has any effect on the softness of my skin, but it definitely prevents acne flairs by taking makeup off.

The scrub is very inexpensive. I would definitely recommend it for anyone with any skin type.


4 thoughts on “[Neutrogena Naturals] Pore Scrub

  1. I love Neutrogena products, they’re affordable and they actually work. I’m currently using the scrub from the Rapid Clear line and I adore it. Thanks for sharing this line, I had no idea existed!
    PS I tagged you on my latest blog post, hope you get a chance to do it hehe xx

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