[Revlon] ColorBurst Lip Butter

Not too long ago I reviewed Revlon’s Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balm. When I was out and purchased this, I also decided to try their ColorBurst Lip Butter in a similar color as well.

I’m really torn between the two. While I know Revlon isn’t as high of a quality as MAC or some other brands, for the price, it’s wonderful. The color is a little more apparent than the lip balm, but the only thing I really don’t care for is it gets a bit caky on your lips sometimes. I think most inexpensive brands do this, but not 100% sure? Ah well.

The formula is very nourishing though. It feels lovely on your lips, but I wish it lasted a little longer. You have to reapply quite often and since I’m not one for makeup maintenance this doesn’t tend to happen.

As I said before, I’m not very experienced with lip products. Have you ever tried this brand? What is your favorite lip product?


13 thoughts on “[Revlon] ColorBurst Lip Butter

  1. Sadly Revlon costs an arm and a leg where I live and on top of that, they don’t carry the whole line so no lip butters at sight. I’m sorry this didn’t quite work out for you, seems all the hype and glorified reviews are just reserved for a few : / Lovely colour, though. xx

    • o.o revlon is second cheapest here… @.@ i’m surprised it’s expensive where you are. I’ve noticed that happens with a lot of brands.. ._. MAC is crazy expensive in the philippines… I mean it’s pricy here but it’s outrageous there. @______@”’

      • Everything is more expensive here! LOL All the so-called drugstore brands here are almost like high end, for instance a Revlon ColorStay Foundation costs 10-13 USD, here it costs 30USD, that’s a high end price everywhere else. Even if I could purchase it online, shipping would kill me too so it’s a loss-loss situation : / I’ll just stick to my beloved 1.99USD Jordana Face Powder hehe xx

      • and it’s all thanks to the high tariff tax, and marketing strategy (expensive = good quality mentality). This is also why I opt for Korean products. :))))

        Like the color on you – sweet and natural. :D too bad it’s not long lasting. :(

  2. I haven’t tried any lip butters yet!! But I just purchased 2 from Asos so I’ll be getting mine soooon! :D :D :D At the moment I’m obsessed with Lipsticks! haha. not a good thing because I’ve so many now! Too many one might say! Lucky my boyfriend ain’t home otherwise he would not be impressed! :P

    • Haha I used to be like that. Since I’ve stop posting on this blog i’ve gotten out of makeup I’m afraid. I sort of just result to Blistex now :)

    • Yeah I don’t really wear anything at all anymore except Laneige BB cream on occasion. It’s the only thing that doesn’t upset my skin or take too much maintenance. :)

      • Well that’s good too!! Means you’l have younger looking skin for longer! :P hehe . Have you ever tried No.7 products? Because they are awesome! Hypoallergenic so they are great for all skin types! :D :D :D

      • if you’ve dry skin I was told bare minerals not so good (because it is powder afterall)! My friend who has greasier skin than me said bare minerals is GREAT but I’ve much drier skin and I asked one of the ladies at the counter and they said may not be as good for dry skin! Sure ask anyways! :D :D

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