[The Face Shop] Volcanic Clay Double Glow Cream

I’ve been really wanting to try this line for so long, so when apoly sent me a sample, I was super excited. 

The Volcanic Clay line has awesome design. All of their products have interesting typography in them. I was sad to see that the sample didn’t have any, but that’s alright!

As far as the consistency goes, it was insanely thick. I was actually really surprised when I first applied and sort of immediately dislike it because of that. However, after a quick fifteen seconds, the cream absorbed into my skin and became super smooth. It was awesome, I loved it!

This line comes in everything from powder cleansers to blackhead removers and more. Most of them are pretty average in price, so they’re not too too expensive. The cream itself though goes for $10.00USD on gmarket; $20 on amazon. I’m sure when I run out of my Skin Food cream, I will definitely consider this!


6 thoughts on “[The Face Shop] Volcanic Clay Double Glow Cream

  1. I’ve already told you on twitter but I guess you haven’t been there much LOL I checked A-poly store and Oumaigawd! She has everything and anything I ever wanted from Asia, I couldn’t stop adding things to my wishlist hahaha.
    I’ll most definitely be getting the PoreEver and either Missha or The Oriental BB Cream so thank you so much for the recommendation : ) I don’t really like Ebay (+Paypal) and purchased many times from Amazon because I like their customer service a lot!
    Wow, I sure ramble a lot haha
    Have a great day Jae-yeonin *hihihi

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