[Sephora] Travel Brush Set

Eyeshadow brushes are very important to those who love to add a little color. When I was first starting to play around, I found this mini travel set of brushes at Sephora and decided to give them a try.


You’ll find most brushes can be very expensive ranging from $10.00—$40.00USD a piece. Since this little travel set was only $6.00USD, I thought it would be a great buy.

To be honest, it was probably one of the worst buys I’ve had in the last few months. :/ The brushes are so coarse that they honestly hurt a bit to apply. Yes, they work, which I guess is good for travel, but I would still rather bring along my higher quality ones just for a bit more comfort.

I’d recommend this product as a gift to kids or teenagers or if you’re just looking for your first set of brushes to try playing around with eyeshadow. If you’re already a semi-pro, you’ll want to skip these :/


9 thoughts on “[Sephora] Travel Brush Set

  1. If you’re looking for really inexpensive but soft, good quality brushes I recommend you check out Ecotools. Don’t get me wrong I love my Real Techniques and never looked back since I tried them, but the Ecotools are just as amazing. They don’t have as many face brushes as RT, but the 5 Piece Eye Set is amazing for traveling, the handles are short and they come with this little pouch to store them away. I’ve had my fair share of bad purchases, it’s a curse being an impulse buyer, always being tempted by cheap price tags *sighs

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