[Skin Food] Egg Foam Cleanser

Yet another sample review! Skin Food makes a lot of cool products based of edible items and the latest one I received was an egg white foam cleanser.

I must say….. I LOVE IT. I will be buying it next time I need a foam cleanser for sure! It’s even better than my Laneige cleanser, which I thought nothing could beat. It’s very foaming, but also leaves an odd coat over your skin that locks in so much moisture. Don’t call me crazy but it feels like egg XD Which would make sense but still!

The packaging for the sample was also cool. The outside has the texture of an eggshell, being super smooth, while the egg illustration itself has a shiny varnish. I looked it up and it’s actually only $10.00USD, nearly half the price of Laneige. If you’re into foam cleansers, be sure to give this a try.


5 thoughts on “[Skin Food] Egg Foam Cleanser

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