[Etude House] Goodbye Pore Ever

Don’t laugh, I bought this because of the design having no idea what it did. It wasn’t expensive, so what the heck.

BEAUTIFUL packaging. Korean packaging does not normally look like this, as you can see from my photo stream on the side. This is really heavily americanized, but even still, it looks plain awesome. The diecut is what got my attention. Etude House found a way to make an interesting diecut that wouldn’t become crushed or ruined during shipping. Boxes stack together, fitting over the diecut perfectly so they are not affected. Genius! The color scheme is another thing that grabbed my attention too. It’s so vintage, the type included, and really pops off the shelf. [/Design nerd] Ha!

So apparently this product is another primer. I’ve already reviewed a couple of them such as Laneige and The Face Shop and I wasn’t happy with either of those, so I was really hoping this would be different. Amazingly, it is! Goodbye PoreEver is more of a coating for your visible pores to shield them from impurities and makeup. It does coat very thickly, almost as if you were to put petroleum jelly on your nose, but not so tacky and shiny. After I applied, I tried a bit of bb cream over it and it makes your pores nearly invisible. It was really interesting and at the same time it didn’t cause any break outs all day long.

Now, I’m not sure you’d want to put something like this all over your face, but you would probably do better just on your nose and your larger pores. So far, my favorite primer yet :)!


16 thoughts on “[Etude House] Goodbye Pore Ever

    • so far this is my favorite. i have tried others, but they don’t hide and protect your pores as good as this :) Thanks for the comment! :D I don’t think i’ve met you yet? ._. or maybe i have…. T.T sorry very very bad memory….

  1. You’re absolutely right, the packaging is very eye catching ^^ The name reminds me of the Porefessional from Benefit, but so far from all the reviews I’ve read on basically all primers, this one seems to be the only one that “fills” the enlarged pores, making them almost disappear, the Porefessional apparently scrubs the skin very mildy and controls oil but doesn’t “masquerade” the actual little holes, so this one could be what many of us were looking for. Where do you get your Asian products? Straight from the brand website or Ebay? The only store I’ve purchased Eastern goodies from so far is Skin79 but they don’t have pretty products like this!!! hahaha *total makeup junkie : ) xx

    • XDDDDD gosh i love you lau. you’re so funny! I agree! most primers don’t completely fill and hide them. I buy them from the seller apoly on amazon. Amazon has many different sellers whom distribute asian products, but apoly has never given me a fake product and she also includes a million samples with everything. *o* ///> bah i miss those adorable little notes! XD She sells a lot of tonymoly makeup if you’re interested in that o.o i’ve never tried the brand, just see it a lot.

    • I saw that but i was really confused how they are picking their winners so i opted out @.@ oo though this is smart :) very nice way to alert your friends!

    • hmmmm o.o it really depends. If you use makeup, this is a good product to hide your pores. If you are just wanting to shrink them all together and don’t wear makeup— the caolion ‘where is pore’ is probably best for you :3

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