[Update] Vacation/Hiatus

I’m back! Well sort of…. Haha No one has probably even noticed though because my blog auto updates, but I’m super excited to share a few things I did on vacation with all of you! ^o^

I’m super happy to announce I have won my very first giveaway! I’ve never won anything before, so it was such a surprise. Jess from The Lily White English Rose was holding her first giveaway for her 150 subscriber mark where she gave away a giant box with some very awesome western products. Most of them I have never even tried before, so it was super exciting to.

I haven’t even had the chance to open several of them because I have been so busy but so far, I am in love with the elf products & the face wipes. ^o^ I’m getting ready to have my own giveaway soon here too. I’ve already decided it is going to be a giant eastern sample giveaway!

The second thing I am very excited to announce is that I won two awards at the AIGA INshow this year. AIGA is a professional design association and yearly they hold an INshow to choose the best pieces in the state. It is extremely difficult to get in. I have entered pieces in before and not won anything, so I was very happy and excited to have won two awards.

If you’d like the see the projects you can find them here & here.

And lastly, the best part of all! While on the last few days of vacation, I went to Newark, NJ to see the BigBang Alive Galaxy Tour. If you have never heard of BigBang, you must try their music. They are a South Korean group consisting of five incredibly talented members. They not only write their own music within every genre, but also dance, perform, act, produce, and so much more.

I really wanted to make sure I could get good pictures before I went, so right before the trip I went and bought a Cannon Power Shot SX500. This camera is great for concerts because it has low light & manual settings. So glad I did! The videos & images came out amazing even with us being so far away.


I also grabbed some video of the concert including the intro, fantastic baby, Crayon, Knock Out, & Seungri’s solo bit. I was sad that fantastic baby video was ruined :( this lady who didn’t even have a ticket (so i’m not sure how she got in???) decided to randomly sit in our isle, then 30 seconds later she gets to to leave… then came back again. AH really?! lol Anyway! if you haven’t seen any of bigbang’s music, check out fantastic baby on youtube.

I am out for now! Moving in two days to Columbia, so probably wont be around for a little bit again, but will be back! :) Look for the giveaway soon!


17 thoughts on “[Update] Vacation/Hiatus

  1. Those photos look amazing!!! I want, no, I need that zoom ASAP!!! LOL You were really far away yet the photos are in focus, just wonderful ^^
    Congrats on the giveaway and the awards, I saw the designs and they’re amazing!!! You’re very talented, no wonder your blog is so awesome, now I feel even more proud to be displaying your badge among my beloved blogs hahaha
    Good luck with the moving and all and enjoy all the goodies you got love, xx

    • (oT.To) noooo i feel honored to be on your blog! It’s so amazing and wonderful ;~~~~;
      @-@ dear god that zoom was amazing! 35X! I don’t have the camera anymore, but it’s very worth it if you go to concerts a lot. Wasn’t good for product photography or i would have kept it :/
      i can’t wait to hold the giveaway soon so be sure to look out for it ^o^ probably 2 weeks or so :3 I think i have… ._. over 20 product samples in it.

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