Mask Sample Collection

As i said before, Apoly sends a lot of samples when you order, which definitely keeps her customers happy and always coming back. With this last order, she sent a ton of masks and I was so excited to try them all.

Innisfree Cucumber Sheet Mask:

First of all, the packaging was amazing. The material is so incredibly soft I decided to keep it! I loved the mask. It was very refreshing, but didn’t lift my skin too much like others do. It was a little too pricy to repurchase, but I did love it.

Skin Food Aloe Mask Sheet:

I was extremely intimidated to try this since my skin does not like aloe. I tried it anyway and while my skin didn’t itch at all the entire time when I took it off it was really red. ick! :( I have to say though I liked Skin Food’s fabric more than others. It was a lot thicker and felt more high end.

Fragrance of Morning Green Tea:

This one was pretty confusing. Apoly sent it, however it’s not in her store to buy. It was also intimidating to try because Chinese products kind of freak me out for some reason. The smell wasn’t very nice at all to be honest, and I don’t think it was the green tea, but after I took it off I was amazed. It not only lifted my skin but reduced redness and a breakout I had from the night before. I would love to buy this again if I could only find it.

Skin Food Goldkiwi Hydrating Mask:

I was really excited to try this one because the packaging is so adorable. It’s not required to be a morning mask, so I actually used it during the middle of the day. You would expect to get one use out of this little thing, however I actually had 4 uses out of just one. I kept it in the fridge just to be safe, but honestly the cooler version was nicer anyway. When I first put this mask on, my face actually gets very hot and a little red. It made me nervous at first but then it went away and my skin was incredibly smooth and glowie. OooooOoooo!


4 thoughts on “Mask Sample Collection

  1. I’d love to wear sheet masks more often but have to order them online and end up costing me an arm and a leg : / It’s nice that the store sends you a bunch of samples so then you can re-purchase only the ones you really liked ^^ Thanks for the review, I hadn’t heard of some of these before.

    P.S. Your requested anime inspired look will be up tomorrow… stay tuned! hehe xx

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