[Lioele] Pore Bright Gel Foundation

I’ve never been one to use makeup. It actually irritates my skin a lot, but I received a sample with one of my orders and what the heck— it’s free.

I’ve heard of lioele before and honestly, I have not heard a single good comment about it. The packaging isn’t appealing at all, so that’s a little bit of a flag, but I decided to try it anyway. Bad idea. It had really bad coverage, really bad moisture, and really bad everything as a matter of fact. Even with a primer on, the foundation cakes into your pores, making them super noticeable and irritated them immediately. I had to use my Neutrogena Micro-scrub to get it off. Ick! Save your money & do not buy!


3 thoughts on “[Lioele] Pore Bright Gel Foundation

  1. Too bad the product was swo awful. I love getting samples and discovering new and exciting products, but when they don’t work, is quite frustrating and even annoying. I’ve heard good things about Lioele, but is more expensive than Skin79 so I ended up trying the latter and liked it a lot!!! xx

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