[Skin 79] Sweet Honey Sugar

Skin 79 is mostly famous for their BB creams, but some might not know they have a ton of other products that are just as amazing. Everyone has their favorite products and this is definitely one of mine. 

First of all, The packaging is beautiful. The box has a faux brushed nickel finish that is very shimmery to catch your eye. There’s also an emboss on the top, but it’s a little hard to tell from the image. The scrub comes with a mini spatula too(bottom-right), which is great, because you never want to put your hands in containers.

I use this scrub once or twice a week. It not only works amazing, but also smells wonderful too. You can even eat it according to my friend Haha If you’ve never used a scrub before or haven’t in awhile, your face becomes incredible soft and smooth. It also tightens your pores and reduces the amount of black heads you have. For only $10.00USD it’s definitely a good buy and lasts for months.


7 thoughts on “[Skin 79] Sweet Honey Sugar

    • this one I actually bought from Pretty&Cute, LLC because it was in the US and I wanted it faster. I hadn’t discovered apoly at that time XD but now i order everything from her.

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