[Caolion] Pore Minimizing Pack

You know the people in those western movies where you can see every microscopic pore on their face blown up to make them look all rugged and manly? I feel like that’s me sometimes Haha

A lot of americans especially are becoming obsessed with their pore sizes and they’re paying $150.00+ USD just to have these insane facials and masks done in spas. Seems a little more that outrageous if you ask me, but I actually have found a pretty affordable product that I would say gets the job done.

 Coalion is another company who believes eatable cosmetics never irritate your skin. It is Pigment-free, fragrance-free and alcohol-free with the main ingredient of chitosan. Chitosan has functions of absorption and excretion of wastes, as well as antiinflammatory and antibacterial effects. Ok, enough of the science stuff.

The packaging definitely needs help. Oh I would love to redo it! It almost made me not even try the product, but after reading a lot about it, I had to. It’s a clay mask that gets so cold I felt like my face was literally in an ice cube haha After washing your face, you want to leave it a little bit wet to easily spread. Take maybe a teaspoon amount and start by smoothing on your forehead, then chin, cheeks, and nose. The reason you don’t want to apply the normal way is because the cold can sting your eyes a bit. Leave on for 10—25 minutes and you will notice it dry to your face, much like a regular clay mask. After washing off you’ll see your pores tightened immediately.<3 A really wonderful immediate product for a special occasion!


8 thoughts on “[Caolion] Pore Minimizing Pack

  1. I agree with you on the movies! I sometimes see myself also being like than (especially on the nose). Does this tightened pores long lasting? If yes, oh wow. I might need this.

    But still iffy about masks. :(

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