[Update] New Name & Ways To Follow

For awhile I have been watching a blog name that fit what I was blogging about, so I am happy to say, I have finally settled on a name and just finished updating everything. 

Aleume. (ah-lu-mei) was created based on the Korean word for beautiful: aleumdaoon (아름다운). Aleumdaoon was not only a bit too long, making it difficult to remember, but also was a little too difficult to pronounce for people. By taking the the stem of the word, aleum, and adding an e creating ‘me’ at the end, it creates a soft, beautiful, and memorable name meaning ‘beautiful me’. The word also has a similar sounding to illuminate, which I thought was interesting because we always want our skin to be brighter.

While updating everything, I also looked in to joining several blog sites to help people who want to follow. You can find the links to Twitter, bloglovin’, Hellocotton, and my RSS feed to the right. I must mention I did attempt to get a google friend connect (GFC) account, because I see them on nearly every blog, but after attempting, I have discovered that GFC was retired back in March of this year. It kinda makes me sad, because I would love to join in on something several of my friends have, but it seems as though Bloglovin’ is starting to get a lot of attention. Maybe it will switch over to that soon.


7 thoughts on “[Update] New Name & Ways To Follow

  1. Oh no! :( I really want to follow you on GFC! That’s odd, I created my blog back in May and was able to link up my GFC. Try adding and HTML/Javascript URL in your layout maybe? I had actually googled how to add a GFC to my blog, maybe try that?

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