[Blog Swap] My Current Top BB Creams

Hi! So Jae and myself have decided to do a little Blog Swap! Yay! This is my first ever blog swap, so bear with me! I’m going to be posting on my Six Current Favourite BB Creams. I’m a HUGE fan of BB Creams and I will not leave the house without some on (unless I’m just popping to the supermarket or something!). Not only do they help cover imperfections on the skin, they also help regenerate/brighten/reduce wrinkles, depending on which particular one you buy.

I a big fan of Korean cosmetics, so these BB Creams that I will be showing you are all Korean Brands.

I’m always buying and trying new BB Creams, so as of this moment, these are the ones that I like the best:

From Left to Right:

  1. Dr Jart Gold Label Premium BB Cream – This is my absolute fave out of them all, it contains Bio-peptide, EGF, Collagen and White Gold. This BB Cream is great for anti-aging and for skin regeneration. This has an SPF 45/ PA +++ so you know your skin is protected when you are outside. At £42($67.00USD), this is the most expensive BB Cream I’ve ever purchased but it’s worth every penny.
  2. The Skin-Shop Premium Secret BB Cream –  If you have oily skin and tend to break out as well, this one will be perfect. It contains Hyaluronic Acid to help moisturise the skin but it also contains a Porous Powder to absorb any excess sebum. This BB Cream helps to whiten and improve wrinkles. It also has an SPF 37/ PA+++. It is hard to purchase online tho, I bought mine directly from the company for around £25($40.00USD).
  3. Dr Jart Black Label BB Cream – Yep, another Dr Jart one, for BB Creams I seem to prefer ones made by Dr Jart, but I’m slowly branching out to using other brands. This one is good for acne scarred skin, since it contains Arbutin, which helps to reduce the appearance of scars. It also contains Caviar and anti-oxidants to protect the skin from the environment. This one is not as oily as the Gold Label one, so is better suited for oily skin. It contains an SPF 25/Pa++. I bought this ages ago and I think this one is my third tube? I can’t remember how much I bought it for but I think it retails now for about £18($29.00USD)?
  4. Tony Moly Intense Care Snail BB Cream – I can’t not make a post without mentioning Snail Filtrate products! This one contains 45% of Snail Secretion Filtrate and this BB Cream helps regenerate skin cells, promotes healing, anti-oxidant, anti-ageing and helps moisturise the skin. It comes with an SPF 45/ PA+++. If you are scared about trying products with Snail Filtrate in, then start off with a BB Cream, I promise you can’t even tell you are putting Snail Slime on your face! This one retails for around £14($22.00USD), so it’s quite cheap.
  5. Etude House Magic BB Cream Refresh – This one is great for combination skin and if you want light coverage. This contains Aloe Vera and Camomilla Extract, these two ingredients help to soothe and calm the skin, so again, great for acne prone skin. This one is the cheapest of them all, retailing for around £6($10.00USD). I don’t actually think this contains an SPF, so make sure you wear some other form of sun protection whilst wearing this..
  6. Mizon Snail Repair BB Cream – And the last one is by Mizon, this one retails for around £10($16.00USD) and has an SPF 32/PA++. The Snail Secretion Filtrate concentration is also 45%, this BB Cream also contains Papaya Extract to help whiten the skin, so again, it’s good for acne scarred skin. If you sometimes have dry skin, I would avoid this because it does cling onto dry skin patches!
Let me just show you what each of the BB Creams look like out of the tube:

 From Left to Right: Mizon, Etude House, Tony Moly, Dr Jart Black Label, The Skin-Shop, Dr Jart Gold Label.

All of these are quite similar in colour, the Mizon and The Skin-Shop BB Creams are slightly lighter than the rest. The Etude House one is the darkest.The Tony Moly one is the thickest and if you happen to apply too much of this, it’s noticeable that you have make up on, so apply this one thinly. All of these are easy to apply and once on, it blends well with my skin tone.

The thinnest one is Dr Jart Gold Label, but you can build up layers of this to acheive the coverage that you want and it doesn’t look cakey at all.

So, there you have it, my Current Top Six BB Creams. My list changes all the time since I’m forever trying new ones. BB Creams are a must have in my make up bag and I can’t rave on about them enough!

I hope you guys liked this post, make sure you check out Jae’s post on my blog as well!

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12 thoughts on “[Blog Swap] My Current Top BB Creams

  1. This review is so helpfull thank you so much. I’ve been trying to find a bb cream that fits me and I guess I was looking for the wrong ones. I’m going to try Dr Jart for sure <3
    Also I must admit I was afraid of the snail based products….they didn't sound that appealing to me ^^
    Thanks for this

    • XD It’s ok! Don’t be afraid of snails based products! :3 You actually cannot really tell. It feels like a gel lotion more than anything. Snail secretion heals acne scaring, so i love it ^o^

    • hmmmmm most people choose to buy it off amazon if it is not readily available in a store near you. I use the seller apoly on there. she is absolutely wonderful. Her price may be tad more expensive than her competitors, but she gives you great service, well protected and genuine products, and wonderful samples. The more you order from her the more samples she throws is so that’s why i think it’s a bit higher in price. O.o i once ordered a $100 order from her and there were more samples than products I ordered ._. they were all so amazing too.

      Hope that helps :D if you can’t use amazon, i know sephora sells dr. jart, but if you want a snail product, maybe buy direct from skin79 or missha? :/

      Best of luck! ^____^

      • Yes it’s been percolating inside for years and I have some posts scheduled and so many more to write. I also bookmark and visit my favorite blogs and so appreciate good images and real opinions and products. Yours looks really informative and fun!

  2. Strange, I actually haven’t heard of any of these brands but I’ll definitely look into these as even before BB creams became a huge hit I was already curious. Thanks for dropping by at my blog and I’m happy you got some inspiration from my makeup :3

    • Definitely look into them :D They’re wonderful and there are so so many types out there. I’m still looking for one that works for me. I’ll find the perfect color, but it makes me break out. ;A; such a hard search!!!! haha Thanks for all your inspiration. love the blog! :D Definitely following from now on

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