[Skinmiso] Pore Pack

A lot of people struggle with blackheads and I would say I’m one of them. Skinmiso’s pore pack really targets the sebaceous gland, which is a gland that creates waxy oils for hair follicles. The sebaceous gland is good for you, but when it gets clogged or over filled it causes blackheads. 

Skinmiso’s pore pack is a four step process to removing the blackheads. The directions are a little difficult to understand because they don’t contain any english, but below you can get the just of it.

Step One: Place white nose pack on and leave for ten minutes.
Step Two: Once removed, use the comedo(blackhead) remover gently against your skin to draw out the excess sebum.
Step Three: Place blue nose pack on and leave for ten minutes.
Step Four: Once removed, pat to dry then apply a small amount of silk essence.

Skinmiso definitely helps with black heads and it is nice they give you so many packs. So far i’ve only needed one a week and it keeps sebum away for a good while!

What troubles do you have with your skin?


10 thoughts on “[Skinmiso] Pore Pack

  1. Great post! There is another similar product by a Korean natural skin care brand called ‘Nature Republic’ which is definitely worth looking at as well. I bought it two months ago and use it on a weekly basis. Very good!

    • I see commercials for nature republic all the time, but i can’t find a seller in the US :( I would love to try them if you know a website that sells it :D Thank you for your comment!

      • It may be worth it to check out ebay. I know in the UK there is no seller so it may be easier to find it in the US.

  2. I’m currently drooling over this. But I might go to the Nature Republic option. I’m just waiting for their store to open in the mall near me. :D

    How do Koreans come up with these things?!?!

      • Woah. 12 years ahead? That’s a lot. But in terms of quality, I still believe in Japanese (price is another issue). I live in the Philippines, that’s why we have lots of Korean and Japanese products in our malls :D but no Sephora.

  3. Western products are just awful is my opinion @____@ oh god they ruin your skin! especially things like Olay and what not. I have heard japanese products are just as wonderful as korea’s, but i haven’t tried an official one yet because i can’t read it XD I ordered one actually last week and it should be here tomorrow :D I’m looking forward to trying it!

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