[Sephora&PANTONE] Eyeshadow Palette

For the longest time I was dying to have an eyeshadow palette. Finally when I saved enough for one (because they get pretty pricy), I headed to Sephora! I was going to get UrbanDecay’s Naked palette, but once the SA showed me the PANTONE eyeshadow palette, the color grabbed me immediately. 

First off, for those of you who do not know, PANTONE is a standardized color matching system (PMS) used by designers. Ever notice when you print something out of your inkjet printer at home and your blue is one color, then you print something at kinkos and it’s a completely different color? PANTONE avoids this problem by creating thousands of solid ink colors that are super vibrant and SO PRETTY!

When the SA showed me this I nearly screamed with excitement. Each hue was so vibrant, yet soft—perfect for eyeshadows. There are also different finishes, such as matte and satin.

The design of the palette alone is amazing. The acrylic is cut to resemble a macbook and as you can see, the top has a crystal clear mirror to use while you’re applying. A protector sheet is also included with every PMS number of the color printed on to it.

So, even though I love the look of it, I have to give my honest opinion on the eyeshadow— I hated them. I love how the palette as a whole looks, but after I got home, I didn’t know what to do. No one really uses gradients of color in eyeshadows, because it doesn’t create a pop and you can already layer with one color if you want that effect,— which makes this palette very unpractical. The colors apply very unevenly and are so sheer that they fall out too quickly. I ended up returning it in the end to buy the Urban Decay Naked palette. :( Ah well. They can’t all be golden.


13 thoughts on “[Sephora&PANTONE] Eyeshadow Palette

  1. i tried green…. wiped it off… then pink… and orange… didn’t work… finally settled with purple… and changed it in three hours XD I was so indecisive!

  2. This palette is beautiful! I love the design, especially. Gorgeous!
    p.s. I wanted to say thank you for all the lovely comments you’ve been leaving on my blog (A Thing of Beauty)! But, I wanted to ask if you could refrain from leaving a link to your blog in your comments from now on, I’ve had some people try to leave ridiculously long links in their comments so I’ve unfortunately had to make it my policy now to not allow them(: Thank you!

    • oh i’m sorry about that ^____^ It’s out of habit because on some of the comment boxes i cant use my wordpress account so there’s no way to know which blog i’m with. I’ll try to remember. Thanks for coming by :D

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