[Etude House] Moistfull Aloe

This was the first product from Etude House I have ever tried. It was a sample Apoly sent me with one of my orders.

The packaging is so calming and smooth (I’m assuming to reiterate that it makes you skin smooth)! lol I really loved the consistency most out of the product probably. It was exactly what it said—moistfull.  The first time I used it, it actually made me break out, so I blamed it on the aloe, because my skin doesn’t like aloe for some reason. However, after using it a few more times, I didn’t have the problem I think maybe it was a reaction to combining it with a different product or something? Not sure. I love it though—plan to order some day! It’s really wonderful for an afternoon boost too.


2 thoughts on “[Etude House] Moistfull Aloe

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