[Skin Food] Berry Christmas

I often get sidetracked blog hopping, just looking for something new. Today I came across some advertisements and CFs for Skin Food’s new holiday line ‘Water Berry’.


I’m already excited. Even though my skin doesn’t like Skin Food products too much I still can’t help myself. >W< I mean look at the beautiful packaging! lol I will definitely be trying this out before the holidays are up. Oh and if you’re wondering, that’s Lee Min Jung from boys over flowers & smile you in the ad campaign. :)

Source: justleeminjung


7 thoughts on “[Skin Food] Berry Christmas

    • I know. ;____; sometimes I can’t believe it’s real. I would say it’s makeup if I didn’t know better, but I do! >_< Bah! I will get there! lol

      • my skincare routine alone takes at least 30 min in the morning alone not including masks or anything. it has made my skin look amazingly better compared to what it used to look so i feel happier, but I get so much acne for some reason now. I can’t figure out what is causing it. >_<

        Very weird!

    • never really thought of that….. i always feel like i have to wash my face in the middle of the day or it starts getting itchy and causes acne. That could be it though…. wonder how i can get rid of that but still get moisture.

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