[TV] Touch Korea Commercial

I’m on my computer, while my family is watching national geographic in the background and suddenly this commercials comes on.  

First of all, it sounds awful because it’s autotuned Haha but I was shocked to see Miss A & 2PM (if i’m not mistaken) on my tv! O.O Dream come true :D <3

It just makes me so excited to visit Korea even more. One Day!<3 Can’t wait!


3 thoughts on “[TV] Touch Korea Commercial

    • I’ve seen pictures of her in Dream High, but never watched it. I just haven’t had a chance to & also I’m afraid to get into another drama! Haha Last time I watched IRIS and it was so suspenseful I was in front of my computer for an unhealthy long amount of time XD Hulu even warned me several times with “uh… you’ve been watching this for a few hours? want to take a break” “NO!”

  1. Haha you know when Hulu is telling you how long you’ve been watching it must have been approaching addiction haha :)
    I haven’t got round to watching IRIS yet but I am a big Lee Byung-hun fan. When I was in Seoul earlier this year there were IRIS posters everywhere and every shop I went into seemed to be selling IRIS products too – seems like you were not the only one to get hooked!
    I had a similar thing with Dream High – watched the entire series really quickly!

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