I took a trip this weekend to visit my mom. She wanted to go to the mall, so while we were out, I made a point to get some cherry colored eyeshadow. On my way to MAC, this store called Sephora caught the corner of my eye. 

It is a beauty store, just like the ones in Korea, only with american products. I was shocked when I first walked in. They had complete skincare lines, serums, toners, eyeshadows, anything you could think of—most of which I didn’t even know Americans even knew about Haha The serum wall was surprising. I was sad to not see Missha and others, but there were familiar names like Clinique and Dior. I refuse to use either of those, so it didn’t matter much. lol

The other side of the store is makeup, which is organized by seller. Sephora had their own line and it was more than anyone else. The entire left wall was dedicated to them(picture above) of everything you could POSSIBLY want makeup wise. The only thing I wasn’t crazy about was the price.

My mom dragged me out of the store too quickly to buy anything, but I will be going back without her soon! ;D


8 thoughts on “Sephora?

  1. Sephora is awesome next time your in you should ask an SA to help you out they are really great. If you buying stuff too don’t be afraid to ask for samples of things you might want to try out.

    Found you threw the share the love hop

    • There was one this I wanted to try but I completely forgot about the samples. ._. it was so expensive too! oh gosh I think maybe $125 or something for a tiny little bottle of hyaluronic acid. >.> I want it but i’m not paying that much. lol

      Thanks for the follow and comment :3!

  2. You have to check out as well. The store does not carry all their products. I went in to get Tokyomilk and they didn’t have it in store, had to get online. Also online they have sales so something you like you might get at a good deal later on. I got a Kat Von D nail polish for 50% off online. They also have a rewards program that you can earn points for deluxe samples and you get a gift on your birthday (this year it is a Fresh Sugar mini lip duo).

    They also carry non-American products as well like Nails Inc. polish (LOVE THEM!). They also stop carrying brand now and then which can be disappointing (I loved the Canadian brand Cake hand creme).

    Also check out, they too have stores but online they do a lot of gift with purchase and have some cool items and prices now and then. They also care drugstore brand items and have their own line like Sephora does (I’ve tried the Ulta eye shadow and it is great).

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