[Tosowoong] Pore Brush

While I was browsing around the other day I came across this Tosowoong Pore Brush. It looked so fluffy and being a complete sucker for fluffy things I had to buy it to try. But oh am I glad I did! 

Before, I washed with my hands, which was difficult to get into pores well. I tried the Neutrogena wave and that really didn’t work so well at all. It was pretty harsh on my skin, but after I tried this, I loved it. Not only that, it also cleared my face of acne just about completely. Don’t let the pictures fool you though, the brush is actually pretty small. For a size comparison, a new ipod nano would probably fit exactly on top of the fibers— so it’s not very large at all, but it does a good job!


3 thoughts on “[Tosowoong] Pore Brush

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  2. Hello there~
    I bought the tosowoong brush and I loved it!!!
    But I wonder how I should dry my brush after each use and how I should wash it after each use?
    Hope to hear your input on this soon~


    • I wondered the same thing, but what I ended up doing was taking a small mini solo bathroom cup and I put the brush upside down in it once I am done to dry. The water drains out and it stays very nice ^____^

      I have never used a cleaner on it because I wouldn’t want whatever I use to go on my face ._. Such as dawn or anything other than a facial cleaner.

      ^o^ glad you like! Best of luck!

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