SELF: Morning & Night Routines

I’ve always heard that Koreans spend roughly $150/mo on skincare. I never really understood how this was possible, because I myself am a skincare junkie and things last a pretty long time to be spending $150 every month. CJENM Media releases all kinds of quirky videos here and there and a few hours ago they posted three videos up of skincare routines. It not only shocked my by how many American products they use, but also the sheer volume of products in one routine. 

This one was really interesting. The volume of products didn’t surprise me so much, because I actually use more for a nighttime routine than this person, but the fact that most of her choices were Neutrogena did. Neutrogena, in my opinion, is the best American brand out there because of how light and natural it is. However, I’ve never seen it have any amazing results towards skin quality. I would say it is good for teenagers.

Products used were:

  • Neutrogena – deep clean clensing oil
  • Neutrogena – deep clean foaming cleanser
  • HERA – Aguabolic Moisturizing water
  • Neutrogena- norwegian formula hydrating gel

As far as that blue thing goes… I have no idea. I would love to know if anyone else does. The caption below reading “미끈거림 없이  1차 세안 마무리” just means ‘Primary cleansing finish without greasiness’, so it doesn’t give the name of whatever it was.


I was shocked at the number of products this person used. I can’t say it’s a bad thing, because I would clearly be lying since she looks like she’s glowing, but imagine how much time that would take in the morning just for makeup. She has definitely sold some products to me such as the Innisfree mineral base. That looks really amazing Haha

Products used were:

  • Missha – super aqua hydra deep cream
  • 3 Concept Eyes – UV sunscreen moisture
  • TONYMOLY – real essence foundation & Innisfree – mineral shimmering base
  • HERA – dark circle brightener
  • ESPOIR – so gorgeous liquid highlighter
  • Etude house – Face Color Corset #6
  • ESPOIR – Cream pan for lip & Cheek #Pitchy Peach
  • Missha – smudge proof wood eyebrow
  • Orbis – eyebrow coat
  • Maybelline – diamond glow #01 copper brown
  • Woodbury – up grade power eye pencil @pearly brown
  • ESPOIR – bronze painting waterproof eye pencil @graffito
  • Loreal – double extension renewal serum
  • The Face Shop – Lovely mix volume my lips
  • HERA – glam body regenerating oil
  • ESPOIR – so gorgeous liquid highlighter


Out of all of the videos, this one shocked me the most. I’m not a makeup junkie in the slightest; I actually don’t wear it at all except for eye makeup for fun. But, to see the transformation between before and after was surprising. I have seen even bigger transformations before, but they felt so fake and impossible. This one feels much more achievable for people at home and gives people the want to try.

Products used were:

  • TONYMOLY- mineral skin fit makeup fixer
  • Estee Lauder-double wear #62 cool vanilla & Ameli – pearly base
  • Etude House – designing brightener
  • MAC – Mineral skin finish natural medium dark
  • 차홍(chahong) SDHair- u line shadow
  • The Face Shop – lovely mix blusher
  • Benefit – Brow Gings #medium
  • Stila – stay all day concealer
  • Benefit- creaseless cream
  • Ameli- eyeshadow #179 cherry blossom
  • Ameli- eyeshadow #226 sepia
  • Etude House – proof 10 auto pencil #1 black
  • Clinique – cream sharper for eyes @105 chocolate lustre
  • Kissme – long& curl mascara
  • Canmake – cover & stretch concealer
  • MAC – Lipstick – cream cup
  • MAC – plushgloss #big baby

All of this was so interesting to see how different cultures and people have their own routines. I would tell you mine, but I’m so all over the place with trying different things, I’ll be different in a week! Haha So instead, what is your skincare routine & what brands are you loyal to?


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