Flood Day

When it rains in Charleston, we normally get a bit of flooding. However, today it rained so hard it caused the worst flooding I have ever seen in my life and it is still going.

I park roughly a mile away where there are no meters and walk to class to avoid paying, but that was not happening today. Instead, I parked in the loading zone for 30 minutes while I brought my stuff inside. There was minimal flooding on the side of the streets, so for the most part, we were still alright. I returned to move my car after the first half hour to find the water had risen half way up the tires. People were even canoeing though the streets and the market!

I had also been told that the plywood covering two holes in the sidewalk out front of a building under construction, had floated away, so you would literally drop off into nothing if you walked that way. Such a scary thought! At this point, high tide would still not for another five hours, and because of the water levels, it made it nearly impossible to get to any car without getting soaked. I eventually decided to leave class early in fear that my car would soon be under water. I put on as much rain proof gear as I could— though it didn’t help! Haha.

It was definitely an experience you need once in your life, but not often!


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