Klo Portfolio is Here!

Last night I was up all night working on the portfolio invitations and decided to sleep in this morning— as it was my day off. At 9:13AM someone was beating on my door to the point where it woke me up. I answered in pajamas and a “what on earth” look to find a FedEx guy holding a box. I had recently ordered several packages, however they had all arrived and I couldn’t for the life of me think what he was even holding. He asked me to sign, so I did, then he handed me the box and was on his way. I planned to go back to bed after putting the box down, but before hand I wanted to know who it was from. As I tried to find the address on the box, I see British Columbia and about dropped it. Only a day before hand I ordered a beautiful Klo portfolio and it was already here, all the way from Canada at the opposite end of the continent! Needless to say, there was no going back to bed and I was wide awake.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Tarlan (Klo) for a little over a year online. We’ve exchanged a few emails and she even has one of my designs for Jessica Kincaid in her online gallery. She is an awesome girl with a wonderful personality and eye for design. Plus, she has great taste and uses the same fonts as my brand! Haha While most people want their portfolio customized, I just wasn’t sure about my design just yet, so I ordered one from her without the customization. One thing I knew I wanted though was a solid bamboo portfolio and Klo was the only one I knew of who sells these. They are beautiful, professional, and SO SOFT!

Click to Enlarge

Going to an art school and knowing most of the people there, I hear a lot of things about different portfolio companies. It’s always so negative too! My advice for anyone looking for a portfolio is just talk to the owner or sales rep about their product. You can really get a sense of who they are and what type of company they have just by doing a little research. I would highly recommend Klo portfolios to anyone out there. She is definitely good at what she does!


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